We are now happy to offer all of our patients an even more comprehensive Biomechanical Examination with the use of a Gaitscan force Plate. This force plate allows our practitioners to analyse your gait from a whole new perspective, highlighting issues that are very difficult to identify through routine examination.
This technology has proven to be of great importance when analysing athletes and runners who are dependent on perfect running form to stay competitive in their sport.

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Stubborn Verruca? – Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift Microwave Therapy is now regarded as the gold standard for verruca treatment. Not only have the success rates proven to be higher than any other treatment available, Individual treatments only take seconds to complete and there are no dressings or aftercare to...

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Common Foot Problems In Children

Flat feet: Parents often get concerned that their children have flat feet. Up to a certain age every child has feet that may be described as “fat, flat and floppy”. This is normal. However as with most things there are degrees of what is acceptable and this is when an...

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