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Verruca Treatment in Dunfermline

Here at Dunfermline Podiatry Centre, we offer verruca treatment in Dunfermline. Caused by a viral infection, warts can often be left alone. However when they become painful or unsightly or  if they spread they may be treated by various methods. Traditional treatments include chemical, cryotherapy (freezing) or electrosurgery under local anaesthetic. Although we do have great success using these conventional treatments in certain cases verrucae can be stubborn and these treatments may be ineffective.

The initial consultation will cost £35, with further follow up appointments charged at £10. Verrucae can often go undetected and may not cause any pain. However, There are often cases where they become sore or can spread, this can not only be uncomfortable but also unsightly. If this is the case, having them treated professionally is usually the best option. The two treatments that we offer are Salicylic acid and Swift Microwave Therapy.

Salicylic acid is the classic treatment. It is the same ingredient often found in over the counter products but our podiatrists use it at a much greater strength. Our podiatrist will remove any dead tissue around the verruca and then treat with the acid. This will be covered with a dressing and you will return in one week to check on the progress. This will be repeated until the verrucas have gone. The length of time this takes varies greatly from each individual. 

Swish Microwave Therapy For Verrucae

Swift Microwave therapy is a fairly new treatment option for verrucae. This treatment is regarded as the gold standard due to the efficiency of the treatments and the high success rates. Treatments last 5 seconds and there are no dressings or aftercare required.

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Latest Treatments

We use a range of the latest treatments to help cure and get rid of verrucas. We’ll ensure the best treatment is provided.

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Professional Team

Our professional team have the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective verruca treatment.

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Dunfermline Based

Based in Dunfermline, we are perfectly positioned to offer verruca treatment to patients in and around the surrounding areas.

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Affordable Treatment

The initial consultation for verruca treatment will be charged at £35, with follow up appointment costing £10.

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