Biomechanical Examinations Dunfermline


Biomechanical Examinations

We offer biomechanics examinations to our patients in and around the Dunfermline area. Our experienced team have years of experience carrying out biomechanics examinations and we only use the latest methods and technology to carry out the examinations. Our biomechanical examinations are priced at £70.

Biomechanical examinations are used to collect data in order to diagnose an issue with a persons gait, i.e. the way they walk or run. The most common symptoms of an imperfect gait is pain in your feet, legs, hips or back. If left untreated symptoms can become extremely painful and have a serious impact on a persons lifestyle. Depending on the results of the examination, there are numerous treatment options ranging from a specific stretching program to orthotics or insoles for your shoes.

Our practice is one of very few in the UK that owns Gaitscan technology. This specialised equipment consists of an electronic pressure plate which can identify biomechanical problems that are less obvious through routine examination. We use the Gaitscan as well as our thorough biomechanical examination to ensure extremely accurate results. Get in touch today to book an appointment.

Biomechanical Examinations in Dunfermline

We have improved our examinations in recent years by investing in a Gaitscan force plate. This force plate is used in addition to the physical examination to identify subtle issues that can often be overlooked through routine examination. For this reason our biomechanical examinations are quite possibly the most thorough that you will find.

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Years Of Experience

We have years of experience in the podiatry industry and have carried out biomechanical examinations for many patients throughout the Dunfermline area.

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Well-Known Reputation

Having carried out biomechanical examinations for many patients over the years, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service we offer.

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Professional Team

Our team have undergone extensive training and are all registered and fully qualified podiatrists. When you choose Dunfermline Podiatry Centre, you’ll be in safe hands with our podiatrists.

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Leading Treatments

We use a a range of the latest technology and methods to carry out our biomechanical examinations. At Dunfermline Podiatry Centre, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry.

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